Saturday, 29 March 2014


This is my take on CSI 115. Thank you my friends for looking.

This is how I solved the case :
The scheme : I used all the colours
Evidence :
Hearts, leaves, flowers, stamps, pen work and mixed media background
Testimony :
I have been contemplating about this layout a lot this week, thinking what my title and journaling should be.  Then life happens…I made this layout for my daughter and her boyfriend. Together they have to make big decisions which will be life changing for them. I decided to use one of the inspirational words Dream. My journaling is on the back of my layout.

“May all your dreams come true…”this phrase holds so much truth that can be life changing. There is something about this phrase that captures me, perhaps it is because we all have dreams, thousands of dreams! Some of our dreams we have pursued, some with success and some that we cherish in our hearts and a few that are just sweet memories… but at least we tried. Let me encourage you, the sky is the limit and let your imagination go with your dreams. The two of you are still going to embark on many different roads to see which one leads you to your dreams and each road will prepare you in some way for the next adventure or for something bigger, something unusual, something life changing. I hope and pray that you make the right decision and may all your dreams come true.  Remember, it is your job to make your dreams come true, do not quit your job!


  1. Beautiful page and stunning words of wisdom.

  2. I loved this layout in the gallery and I love now that I see it again. I love the whole reflective feel of the layout and the journalling. Such beautiful colours. :D


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