Tuesday, 27 January 2015

{Magic and Wonder...}

This is my layout for CSI CC-4 in collaboration with Words and Paintery. This is how I solved the case :

Winter can be a beautiful season if you learn to embrace it.  I try to focus on the things I love about this season.  It is not always easy, as I find myself getting a little bit down during the winter months. It is, however, my choice how I deal with winter.  There are loads of reasons to celebrate the arrival of the chilly season. This is a photo of my daughter ten years ago, experiencing her first snow day.  It was during an outreach to the picturesque little town of Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This small town is situated in the foothills of the Witteberg mountains and changes into a Winter Wonderland of snow during the wintertime. I don’t think she will ever forget the magic wonderlandhence the title of my layout.

This is how I solved the case :
The scheme : I used all the colours
Evidence:  stripes, snowflakes, 3 of something (3 tickets), glitter, texture paste and melt something (clear embossed the chipboard snowflakes and some of the background flakes)
Testimony : I choose a Winter Writing Promt. Why are you grateful for the winter season? List 10 things :
Wine tastes much better in the winter.
Lazy movie nights on the couch.
Misty mornings and golden sunsets.
Hot bowls of homemade soup and freshly baked bread.
Clear, bright blue winter skies.
Fabulous sweaters
Photoshootso yes my favourite. I love the vibe of winter photo shoots, all the fluffy scarves, coats and mittens, a perfect opportunity to play around with your accessories.
Sleeping in on a cold winter morning, buried in blankets with a good book.
The warmth of hot chocolate.
At the end of a day, the crackle of a roaring fire.

 This is the case file.

Friday, 2 January 2015

{Christmas Joy}

A New Year marks a new beginning.  New people to meet, new adventures  to enjoy and new memories to create.   I am wishing you all the happiest New Year ever filled with love and happiness! This is my daughter and Stoffel. He is also included in our Christmas photo shoot every year.
This is how I solved the case :
The scheme : I used all the colours
Evidence:  stripes, dots, banners, arrows, holiday accents, decorative border, string and branches.
Testimony : I documented the holidays

Every year, December, something magical happens. It is not just something in the air; it is something in our hearts. We celebrate Christmas time by surrounding ourselves with friends, family, and our loved ones.  We celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus that changed the World forever.  I love Christmas because for once the world stops and suddenly we see what it is all aboutlove, togetherness, sharing, caring and giving, and simply being with those we love.  I also adore the special feeling it produces, the magic in the air, the excitement, the anticipation in the atmosphere,  it is also a time when we require to make certain that our furry friends are safe and taken care of when we leave for vacation.  I am so thankful that our Stoffel can go to a Doggy Daycare.  Being the oldest at 14 he gets VIP treatment and lots of love.  He is by far the favourite!  The interaction and socializing with other dogs is good for him, it teaches him doggy etiquette and good manners, not that Stoffel agrees, I mean who needs good manners at 14?  He looks ten years younger when we fetch him, probably all the female attention he gets.  After all he is good looking!

Here is the case file and the sketch.  Thank you for looking.

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