Thursday, 7 April 2016

{It's a girl...}

Life doesn't get much better than is...I am going to be a grandma for the first time and I couldn't be happier!  How fortunate for me.  We have been waiting for this miracle for a while, but I am a firm believer that all things come when they are supposed to.  It is just at times it is so hard to wait!!  This is my son and daughter in law, and was photographed by me the day the doctor announced the gender of the baby...It's a girl...!  So much excitement awaits us and we are looking forward to the journey!

and some close-ups

{You are the sun in my day...}

2016 started off with exiting and anticipation.  My daughter got married on the 20th February.  This was a momentous time in our life, a beautiful and awe-inspiring occasion for our family.  I was witnessing my little girl step into the full bloom of her womanhood, an extraordinary transformation.
Where has the time gone? There was no time for scrapbooking as this was a DIY wedding, from flower arrangements to table decor and props.  We worked extremely hard to make this day perfect, but it was worth every moment and some tears I might add!  This is my first layout this year and this is photos of the newlyweds when they were still dating.  Thank you for looking.

and some close-ups

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