Monday, 4 November 2013

{Playing school}

This is my take on CSI # 95 {Playing school} I documented an old memory...I think this photo was taken when I was about six or seven years old in front of my dad’s garage. I even remember that the garage doors were painted orange and white. This is some of my... fondest childhood memories, playing school with my dolls. All of them, even the broken dolls the monkey and the clown. Sometimes I played inside other times outside depending on the weather. I had a blackboard as you can see in the photo that my dad made. I would arrange wherever I am playing with tables and chairs. I used old storybooks for my students and I also awarded them stars for good work.See more

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  1. I love your playing school page. It brought back so many childhood memories. I never played with dolls though. I had four younger sisters and they were my pupils. Beautiful page.


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