Sunday, 28 July 2013

{Life is a journey...}

It took this photo of my daughter just after she started working as a Occupational Therapist in a private practice.  The suitcases I bought at one of our local markets in Pretoria, South-Africa. My journalling is on a tag tucked in behind the photo and reads as follows : "I have been so happy for her yet as I write this, I am sad. I suppose for the milestones she is reaching in her adult journey, but too, of the sadness of a childhood past, an adulthood ahead. I realize this year has been one of great growth for her. She truly has grown into herself. Stunning to witness it. I so much appreciate her inviting me into her life during this amazing journey, to witness, reflect, and narrate with her the meaning of events. I am grateful for the front row seat she has reserved for me to remain a key witness, and often playing a big role in the unfolding events in her life. The world now sees her as a young woman with her charm and her smile and own personality. But behind that young woman I will always see my beautiful daughter, my child, my baby. She is so terribly blessed but it is her heart of gold that I love the most."


  1. Adri, it's so beautiful and the journaling makes it extra special!!!!Anita

  2. Pragtige journaling Adri...diep uit die hart...!


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